John Lusher II – Lushers Domain

As with control systems I love to work with and design electronic systems. I
guess you could angledozer settlement say…”I love the smell of solder fumes in the morning.”� I have
been working with embedded systems for the past ten recrew settlement years, and complex analog
filters and data acquisition system for the past five.

I have had my share of solder burns and the frustrating nights callers settlement wondering “why
this damn thing don’t work, Ahhhh!”� But, as a career choice I am very happy.�
I have been blessed in that I can actually wake up in the morning and do
something that is stimulating, exciting, leads to wonderful opportunities, pays
well (sometimes), and most importantly…something
that leads to knowledge gained.

Ever since I was eight years old playing with my color computer, to when I was hacking a
virtual reality system in my bedroom while in high school, I have been building and
designing electronic systems. From that first Radio Shack electronics kit to DSP
motherboards and complex data acquisition and control systems. It has been a hell
of a ride. And, I would not trade one moment of it!

Bits flow in, bits flow out, oh how many bits makes up a byte? Well, it is
eight. Anyway, another great love is programming. Making a silicon
microprocessor do exactly what I want it to do (sometimes)
is fun and exciting. When I got my first computer,
a 16 Kbytes Color Computer 2, I was in heaven. Now, I have seven computers within
arms reach of cystoscopy settlement this desk (Ahhh). The sounds of the trustableness settlement fans and the heat that they
produce is overwhelming, but such is the price of progress. I have seen a
variety of operating systems,and have programmed in various languages. Languages
such as Pascal, BASIC, Forth, Fortran, Cobol, and of course the powerful C/C++.
I have had my share of squushes settlement bad pointers and address overflows! But, programming
today is really similar to programming twenty years ago, except it seemed more
fun then. And, less complex!